Grey Moistureproof Waterproof Plush Glue Hotel Carpet Tile With Pvc Backing

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50*50 60*60 100*100 25*100
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Guangdong, China
Nylon & PP
Maschine gemacht
Moderne Einfache
Hause, Handels, Hotel
Produkt Name:
Büro Gebäude Hotel Schule Bibliothek Teppich Fliesen
Oberfläche material:
Nylon 6.6(Polyamid) & PP
Sichern material:
PVC & Bitumen
200 M²
24 Hotline
Pile gewicht:
Pile höhe:
3,5mm -6mm
Ebene Schlingen
Büro Gebäude Hotel Schule Bibliothek
ISO9001/14001 & CE
Büro Gebäude Hotel Schule Bibliothek
Gestreiften teppich
100000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month
Verpackung & Versand
Dalian Port, Tianjin Port, Shanghai Port
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Hot Sale Tile Carpet Catalogue
Grey Moistureproof Waterproof Plush Glue Hotel Carpet Tile With Pvc Backing
Level Loop & Multi Leave Loop
Office Building Hotel School Library
Pile height
3.5mm -6mm
Tufting Gauge:
8+4 & 1 / 10
Dye Method:
Solution Dyed
ISO9001/14001 & SGS & CE
Brand Name
Surface material
Nylon 6.6(Polyamide) & PP
Backing material
PVC & Bitumen & PU
200 SQM
24 Hotline
Pile weight
Multi-level Loop Pile
Office Building Hotel School Library
50cm*50cm 60cm*60cm 25cm*100cm 100cm*100cm
24 pieces in a box, the size of a box is 52*52*14 cm 32 boxes on one pallet 1x20ft container loading 3400 sqm (18 pallets) 1x40Hq
container loading 6000 sqm (31 pallets)
Product Name : LP1 Gauge : 1/10 G Backing : Bitumen

Pile Height: 4 mm Pile Weight: 360-400 g/ sqm
Material : 100% PP Fireproof : General
Customer designs
Carpet Construction
The structure of the carpet type can determine its anti-skid degree. The first type is a very simple level loop type . The anti-skid performance is general and the production process is relatively simple, so the price is also advantageous. The type of anti-slip pile is our superior tiles carpet. We have designed and produced many times and have rich experience. 3 types of
amulti-level loop type can be used on a carpet to provide anti-slip performance. It is necessary to choose a technically advanced carpet factory.
The structure of the tiles carpet can simply and clearly reflect the production process of the carpet. Our carpet structure has 5 layers of carpets. The material of each layer is necessary.
1. The PP and Nylon material is very strong, so it can be used directly in high traffic. The area does not need to consider its service life at all. It can be fully supported for 5 years.
2. The second layer of non-woven material can solve the thickness of the carpet, making us stand more comfortable on the top.
3+4. The fourth and fifth layers are EVA and fiberglass, which are the most ingenious design, they can support the stability of the
carpet. Many cheap carpets will directly omit this production process, but the final result will lead to a change in the shape of the carpet during 1 year of use. If you customize The carpet is 50*50 cm, then you may get the carpet in 49*48. Of course, when you first start testing the sample, you can’t find it, so the quality is very important.
5. The last layer is PVC material, color And thickness can reflect its quality.

PVC Backing

PU Backing

Bitumen Backing

We have three types of carpet tile backings. PVC is one of the most popular types. We also add embossing on the back of the carpet to increase the friction between the carpet and the ground. The choice of bitumen backing is suitable for those who frequently replace the carpet. This can greatly reduce the budget of carpet procurement. PU backing is the goal of 5 star hotel project procurement, which can make the thickness of the carpet reach 12 mm .
Tiles Carpet Size
We have the most advanced carpet machine in the world, so our carpet size can be chosen at will, 50*50 cm, 60*60 cm, 100*100 cm, 25*100 cm are our regular sizes, hope it can meet your needs demand .
Company Profile
Packing & Delivery
We think that the weight of carpet tiles is very large, so we will use the form of pallets to pack customers. Pallet packaging can protect the carpet from deformation due to impact, and reduce manual operations, which can save time and manual handling costs. The experience can help you encounter more difficult problems in the procurement process
Manufacturing Technique
Certification is necessary. It can help you increase customers in the sales process. We have CE certification, ISO certification, fire protection certification, and technical tensile pull-out force test certification. These certificates can show our factory strength. Looking forward to us Can reach your first cooperation
1.Are you a trading company or a factory ?
We are a trading company, but we have been cooperating with the factory for 10 years. We have a lot of technical and financial support in the factory, so that we can guarantee the quality and price of the products and important production time.

2. Why we should choose a trading company ?
Our 10 years of sales experience can reduce the troubles encountered in the entire procurement process and provide customers with a high-quality procurement

3.How to get your sample?
Our samples are free, you just need to send a message to tell us.

4. What is the quantity of containers?
24 pieces in a box, the size of a box is 52*52*14 cm 32 boxes on one pallet 1x20ft container loading 3400 sqm (18 pallets) 1x40Hq container loading 6000 sqm (31 pallets)

5. 5000 square meters of production time?
20 days
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