QG-06 GSM Drahtloser / drahtgebundener automatischer Gasleckdetektor (LPG, Kohle, Naturgas, Sumpfgas)

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15,00 $ - 45,00 $ / Stück | 5 Stück/Stücke (Min. Order)
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Guangdong, China
Wireless Frequency:
Siren Volume: 85dB:
Libattery Charging Current:
Power Supply:
9-12V DC Adapter
Built in battery:
7.4V /500mA rechargable Li Battery
2 years
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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1-5 days after order confirmation

2015 GSM Wireless/wired intelligent Gas Detector of leakage of inflammable gas (QG-06)

Product Description




1. SOS emergency alarm

Press SOS button under emergence happens, system will enter alarming state, LED on and siren make sound (default 3 minutes), and start to send SMS text to preset main mobile number. Press SOS button again will stop alarming, back to standby state.

System support 5 SMS numbers and 1 main number, SMS text could be editable (within 16 Chinese characters or 32 English letters), defaulted SOS alarming SMS text is “Gas Leakage”.

2. Gas leakage alarm

System can detect inflammable gas consistence, will send SMS text messages to preset 6 mobile phone numbers. There will be a 3-minute interval before next alarming, user can send arm/disarm SMS or press SOS button to cancel this 3-minute waiting, make the system enter detecting and alarming state.

3. System Initialization

Long press SOS button for 5 second, release it after hear the long sound of buzzer, all settings will be cleared and system back to factory setting, then can set the system main phone number.




Technical Parameters:


1. Power:  9V~12V DC Adapter

2. Li battery charging current: <100mA

3. Built-in battery: 7.4/500mA rechargeable Li battery

4. Wireless receiving frequency: 315 MHZ/433MHZ/868MHZ

5. Alarm output voltage: 5V DC

6. Siren Volume: 85dB 

7. Working Temperature: -10°c~+60°C

8. Working humidity: ≤ 90%

9. Size: 127*73*28mm



gas leak detector



  • 1. Please insert valid SIM card into the slot, make sure it can send/receive SMS text.
  • 2. Connect any external equipment if necessary.
  • 3. Power on with matched adapter, system enter warm-up period, screen will show countdown time, during this period if system detects SIM card, siren will make 2-minute long sound, if no SIM card detected siren will make 4 didididi sound.
  • After warm up period system screen will indicate 0001 and show current temperature after 5 second
  • (under condition that system main mobile phone number already been set), or indicate 0002 (system main phone number not been set yet).
  • 4. Would be better to reset the system back to factory setting after start.
  • 5. Set system main phone number (only main number can carry out system setting).
  • 6. Could make use of the alarm system properly now.
  • 7. When GSM network lower then 20%, calling and SMS sending will not be available,
  • power led light will flash every 2 second, and will keep long still on after system receives GSM network, user can send command to check GSM network condition.


Note: system password refers to the password used to set system main phone number, default as 123456.


  alarm gas detector


System Setting




  • 1: Main number setting
  • 2: System parameters setting
  • 3:SMS setting
  • 4:SMS Feedback
  • Detail setting please refer to user manual




  • 1. Installation location
  • System should be installed properly, for LPG such heavier-than-air gas detection, please install it over 30cm distance from floor; and for natural gas such lighter-than-air gas, keep it 30cm distance from ceiling. Both two installation conditions should keep the device within 2 meter distance from cooking instruments.

  • Please keep away from following places:
  • Places with heavy smoke (near to cooking devices directly),
  • Places near to ventilator which with wind-flow,
  • Bathroom with water steam and water drip,
  • Rooms obstructed by curtains,
  • Hot water supplying room and power cut-off at night places,
  • Temperature under 0℃ or above 50℃,
  • Outdoors places.
  • Find the suitable installing place, use screw or nail to fix the mounting plate on the wall/ceiling, and thenhang the detector onto the plate by aiming the holes behind the device.


2.Installation chart


Insert SIM card and power the device on(take off the plastic cover, turn the switch to ON position, defaulted is OFF. Install the SIM card into slot, then take the cover back again)


Other accessories


Company Information


Shenzhen Chitongda Electronic CO.,LTD, established in 1998, is a professional security products 

manufacturer for 16 years. With the famous brand "Wolf Guard", it has been exporting 

in a whole world for 8 years. Owning a total factory area of 2200 Square meters,and over

 300 employees, it has strong capability in R&D and production.It passed CE, FCC, ROHS, 

ISO,etc product authorized certificates, and also has GMC, SGS, CCC, etc factory production

 audit report.And also had attended too many foreign security trade fair,HK,CPSE and etc.


Why choose US? 


1. 16 years' professional experience in security field.


2. Exhibitions & Certifications.


3. More than 100 countries customers.



Professional contact person(Ms.Ksenia zou)

Skype : ventsin97


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