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Transform your home decor from ordinary to extraordinary with a large gold picture frame. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the appeal of gold frames, their impact on your space, and how to select the perfect one. We'll discuss considerations based on room style, artwork size and shape, and material and finish selection. Plus, we'll provide tips on installation and maintenance to ensure your gold frame remains a stunning centerpiece in your home for years to come.

The Appeal of Gold Picture Frames

Gold, a symbol of luxury, triumph, and accomplishment, has been historically associated with royalty and elites. Gold picture frames carry this sense of luxury and high-end aesthetics, enriching any room and making it appear more upscale. However, it's important to use gold frames judiciously to avoid an overbearing or pretentious look. A large gold picture frame can serve as a perfect accent, adding a touch of elegance to your home decor.

The Impact of Large Frames

Large picture frames, especially gold ones, command attention and draw the eye to the artwork or photo displayed within. Their size can transform an ordinary wall into a captivating focal point, adding a sense of grandeur and sophistication to the room. However, it's crucial to consider the frame's proportions relative to the room size. In small areas, an overly large frame can overwhelm the space, while in larger rooms, smaller frames may seem insignificant. Striking the right balance between the frame’s size and the available wall space is key to achieving the perfect look.

Selecting the Perfect Gold Picture Frame

Selecting the right gold picture frame involves matching the undertones of your artwork with the frame, choosing a frame style that complements your decor, and ensuring the frame size fits your artwork perfectly. Frame styles range from ornate and traditional to contemporary, vintage, luxe, and art deco. The size of the frame should be proportionate to the artwork, with larger pieces generally requiring wider frames.

Considerations Based on Room Style

Picture frames should complement your wall color rather than matching it exactly. If your décor is neutral, a large gold picture frame can enhance your overall décor. Matching your frames to a standout furniture piece in your space can also work. However, too much uniformity can lead to a monotonous space. Opting for a consistent frame color creates a flow and balance, especially in open-floor spaces.

Assessing the Artwork Size and Shape

When choosing a large gold picture frame, it's crucial to assess the size and shape of your artwork. Measure the space you plan on hanging your art or photos. Frames are measured using their inside dimensions and overlap your photo by 2-5mm to prevent your picture from falling through. If you decide to add a mat to your frame, it will affect the frame size you choose.

Material and Finish Selection

Material and finish are crucial considerations when selecting a large gold picture frame. Our range includes hundreds of styles, with options like walnut, maple, and bamboo. For a gold picture frame, consider our luxurious gold finish frames. You have complete control over the length, from 4 to 96 feet, ensuring a perfect fit for your artwork.

Installation and Maintenance of Your Gold Picture Frame

Maintaining a large gold picture frame involves careful cleaning and occasional restoration. For cleaning, use a soft cotton swab dipped in water to reach every crevice. Be gentle to avoid damaging the delicate plaster. If parts of the frame are damaged or missing, consider restoring it. This process involves creating molds of the existing design, filling them with a suitable material, and applying gold leaf. After applying the gold leaf, use an antique glaze to tone down the shine and add a vintage feel. Finally, seal the frame to protect the gold leaf.

Installation Tips

Hanging a large gold picture frame requires careful planning. Use painter's tape to mark the frame's position on the wall before hammering. If you're hanging multiple frames, this method helps ensure correct spacing and alignment. Another trick is to use craft paper or newspaper to plan the layout. Cut the paper to the frame's size, mark where the hook should go, and adjust the position before making any holes in your wall. Remember, maintaining level is crucial for the perfect display.

Maintaining the Shine of Your Gold Frame

Maintaining the shine of your large gold picture frame requires careful handling. If dusty, gently use a soft cloth or brush. However, if the frame has gilded gesso, avoid dislodging loose sections. Always wrap gilded gesso coated objects in plastic before moving to prevent damage. Avoid using tape on gilding as it can remove gold leaf. If your frame has been damaged, be wary of touch-up materials. Most 'gold' paints are bronze powder pigmented and can tarnish. If in doubt, it's best to leave your gilding alone or seek professional help.


Incorporating a large gold picture frame into your home decor can transform an ordinary space into an elegant and sophisticated environment. The key lies in understanding the allure of gold, the impact of large frames, and how to choose the right frame that complements your decor and artwork. Careful consideration of room style, artwork size and shape, and material and finish selection will ensure your frame enhances your space. With proper installation and maintenance, your gold picture frame will continue to shine, adding a touch of luxury and grandeur to your home.

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