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Zhejiang, China
Halle-Tools Farbe Edger
Farbe Edger (CE10A1650RG1)
Roller Abdeckung
Acryl/Mircofiber/Mohair/Natürliche Wolle/Nylon/Polyacylic/Polyamid/Poly
Grün Dekorieren Werkzeuge
Acylic Dekorieren Werkzeuge
10 "dekorieren Werkzeuge
25 tage
250000 stück
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Kunststoff Pinsel Abdeckungen
250000 Piece/Pieces per Month for Plastic Paint Brush Covers
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In der regel in einem mehrzwecktasche oder verpackt durch kunden anforderungen
NINGBO for Paint Edger

Cheap Prices Plastic Wooden Home Decor Interiors Wholesale China Plastic Acylic Paint Brush Covers





v Shed Resistant Fabric Cover


vMade from Acrylic/Mircofiber/Mohair/Natural Wool/Nylon/Polyacylic/Polyamide/Polyester


vAchieve Professional Results with all Paints and Enamels


vManufacturing process helps to divert millions of post-consumer plastic PET bottles from ending up in landfills


vProprietary high-density fabric stays resilient and resists matting for the smoothest professional finish


The dense, high-capacity fabric is with interlocked fibers to prevent shedding. No other roller produces a smoother finish. It features the same top-quality white fabric with the pinstripe as the day it was introduced.


We provides excellent results with the most demanding coatings: industrial enamels, epoxy floor finishes, moisture-cure or catalyzed urethanes. The coverage is flawless with all common paints and finishes which stays resilient through a full day of use.


CODEStyleSizeNapFabricColorNew PP Tube dia
CE10A1650GEU Style10"16mmacylicgreenSuit for 7.7-8mm dia european style roller frame
CE10A1650C4EU Style10"16mmacylicgreenSuit for 7.7-8mm dia european style roller frame
CE10A1650RG1EU Style10"16mmacyliccolor stripesSuit for 7.7-8mm dia european style roller frame
CE9Y1038EU Style9"10mmpolyesterred and grey stripeSuits for 5.7-6mm dia European style roller frame



vOur main exporting products are varied from painting tools to hardware. We offer more than 500 types of paint rollers, paint brushes, paint trays and accessories.


vWith the goal of continuous, innovative and guaranteed quality of our products, we will continually explore opportunities in new markets around the world.


vFounded in 2010, Hall Tools has established a good reputation for manufacturing and exporting quality and professional household products.

vWe have been manufacturing innovative, high-performance painting tools .Our trade names include paint brushes, roller covers, pad painters, tools and accessories for everyone from the professionals to the first-time painters.


vAnd we continue to develop new and exciting products for both professional and DIY painters.


Our Service

vWe would like to know if you are a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a professional paint tools factory while paint rollers are our main products.


vWhat are your main markets?

Our main markets are Australia, Japan, American and South American.


vWhat is your payment terms?

Our payment terms is 30% deposit with 70% see the copy of the documents.


vWhat about your MOQ, delivery time and the warranty period?

In general, our MOQ is 3000pcs, the delivery time is 30days and It is one year. Thanks so much!


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