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0,23 $ - 2,00 $ / Stück | 5000 Stück/Stücke (Min. Order)
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Farbe papier
Für verpackung produktion wie tuch label, schuh box, und so auf.
Kompatibles Drucken:
Hölzerne Masse
Zermahlende Art:
Chemie Maschinen Papierbrei
Guangdong, China
Farbe paper-110g
Marke Name:
Dicke (mm):
Beschichtung Seite:
Doppel Seite
Platzen festigkeit (kg):
Glätte der vorderseite (s):
Glätte der rückseite (s):
Klapp ausdauer:
Ph grad:
Feuchtigkeit gehalt (%):
Regelmäßige gewicht:
5000 Ton/Tons per Month
Verpackung & Versand
Es sind eine film verpackung der palette für die äußere verpackung und mit kraft papier für die innere verpackung, jede palette mit 1,1 m hohe für die übliche und es sind schützen linie zwischen jeder palette.
Lieferzeit: :
Shipped in 5 days after payment
Our Advantages:
  • 100% Manufacturer
    Our factory is in Guangdong, China with 200 staff who is with best creditability, reliability at your absolute promise. We have many years production experience and export experience, and we are 5years Alibaba Golden Member.
  • Best material selection
    All our goods are made of best materials which have the SGS certificate from the best suppliers.
  • Good service
    We definitely produce all goods by ourselves. It is the from Paper production,surface disposal, craftsmanship, QC, packing, delivery, therefore quality is 100%assured.
  • Quality control
    every single piece of product, every production, procedure is inspected and controlled before packing the goods into export carton. We ensure every of product shipped are of good quality.
  • After sales service provided
    Besides, after sales service is necessary for more understanding for your needs. We do keep a close concern.
Detailed data
Productleather paper
Regular weight110g150g180g200g230g250g300g350g400g450g
Ingredientwood pulp and  European waste paper
Production capacity(T)1,500MT/month
Standare size in sheet (mm)700*1000.787*1092.889*1194
Height in sheet      (mm)1500

Each wood pallet is 1.5m high with the paperboard

pcs/pack 250250200125125125100100100100
Outer packing for  paper in sheetskraft paper with waterproof film
Width in roll(mm)700.787. 889.1660.2450
Weight in roll (kg)650-700
height in roll (mm)1000-1100
Outer packing  for paper in rollkraft paper with waterproof film
Thickness (mm)13-1419-2023-2426-2729-3031-3238-4044-4650-5356-59
Burst index(kg)3-3.53.5-44-55-66-76-77-7.58-8.58.5-99-10
Smoothness of  front side (s)20-2515-2020-1513-1511-1310-1210-1110-116-76-7
Smoothness of  reverse side(s)10-1513-1513-1511-1211-1210-119-108-95-65-6
folding endurance  (time)70-11080-150100-200150-250300-350350-400400-500400-500550-700700-750
PH degree7.5-87.5-87.5-87.5-87.5-87.5-87.5-87.5-87.5-87.5-8
moisture content (%)7-107-107-107-107-107-107-107-107-107-10
Applicationwidely used in bags, photo album, photo frame, stationery, cloth label,note book,greeting  book,greeting  card,calendar,hang tags , name cards ,electronic gasket, gift boxes ,  telephone boxes , and various crafts packa,ginggift boxes, 
payment termsPaypal ,Western union , T/T , albabaESCROW,Cash
business serviceOEM and customized service are welcome


No touch with food directly, just for outside cover 
Pay attention to air humidity and no opening to a seal storage

Printing Compatibility

Coating,Embossing, Lighting, Printing ,Bronzing, Hot stamping , Inkjet,
Laser, Digital, Silkscreen Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, Varnishing,
Engraving , Scoring, Saddle stitching, Perfect binding
folding ,Lamination

Build process and certificate

Corporate photos

Logistics and payment


  • A: What the products we can provide? What the products we can make?
  • XingMin paper is a research, production and sales of three body combined with the company, the main produces in our company: black paper, colored paper, wood pulp "black card", double hearts "black card", all kinds of color cardboard, pearl paper, leatherette paper, glossy paper, touch paper, protoplasmic embossing wrapping paper, gift wrapping paper, red paper for wrapping the lucky money and so on, such as a variety of specialty paper manufacturer directly. And meanwhile also is specializing in the production of high quality production base of "black card" in Guangdong area.
  • B: if you can custom-made and other process, such as: (grain, design), and custom LOGO?
  • We can accord customer's requirement to make (in line with the company can achieve the production process), or the company in the sales of product samples.
    After our assessment process, companies can customize according to customer's requirement to specific lines and patterns, paper products or our company production of base paper at the same time, we can be in the form of (OEM) production, using the mature production technology, to assist your company to build your own paper "brand".
  • C: how to get the sample?
  • We will charge a special processing (of) the sample cost and transport cost, the company also offer some products sold in a free sample - welcome to inquire.
    The sample time generally need: such as (time required vary according to the process). Shipping time also depend on the weight, size and the customer area.
  • D: the customer order the required information
  • 1: You can contact us directly via E-mail or fax send order basic information to us.
    2: We need the basic order information
    3: The number of product information and specifications, such as (size, material, craft, packing requirements and so on.)
    4: The delivery date (the customer asked us when we could expect delivery).
    5: Name, address, telephone, fax number of your company and project orders and mobile phone number of the person in charge.
  • E: Matters needing attention
  • Because in the process of production, can’t avoid some wear, so the color, size, gram weight will be a little error.
    The pictures, color, and type is only for reference. Everything is given priority to with the sample.

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