Chinesischen Schreibwaren Schützen Datei A4 Transparent Klar Kunststoff Blatt Protector

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Zhejiang, China
Büro arbeitet
Produkt name:
Schreibwaren Schützen Datei A4 Transparent Klar Kunststoff Blatt Protector
Schule, büro, haus, geschäft
Blatt protector
Ort der Herkunft:
Zhejiang China (Festland)
Marke Name:
Büro arbeitet
29x25 cm
Modell Anzahl:

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Paketgröße pro Charge: 
44.45X33.65X52.07 cm
Bruttogewicht pro Charge:
15.059 kg
24pcs Per Inner Box, 96pcs Per Outer Box for Chinese Stationery Protect File A4 Transparent Clear Plastic Sheet Protector
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Menge(Stück) 1 - 96 >96
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Chinese Stationery Protect File A4 Transparent Clear Plastic Sheet Protector

Product Description


 Product name Chinese Staionery Protect File A4 Transparent Clear Plastic Sheet Protector
 Usage School, office, home, business
 Style Sheet protector
 Material PVC
 Place of Origin Zhejiang China(Mainland)
 Brand Name Office works
 Weight 107g
 Size 29x25cm
 Color White
 Model Number 30756


MOQ (minimum order quantity) for each item should be 1 carton; 
MOA (minimum order amount) for each order should be above USD1,000.

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