Mode-Design P3 P4 P5 Sphärische Runde Led-anzeige LED Ball Display Volle Farbe LED Preis Display

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Guangdong, China
Farbe energie
P3's P4's P5
Display Funktion:
Bildschirm Dimension:
Display Funktion::
Display Funktion: Animation, Grafiken, video, text, bild, etc.
Bildschirm Dimension::
Hängt von der modul größe
SMD 2121 Schwarz
Fahren Verfahren::
1/16 Scan
Modul Auflösung::
64*32 punkte
> 1200CD/Square meter
900 W/Square meter
3 jahre
99999 Pack/Packs per Year
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Shenzhen Shekou Port
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The product approved the CE ,FCC,RoHS certificates and so on . It can be widely used , such as theatre,pr gymnasium,exhibition hall,the control romm and stage etc.





1. May I know the Minimum order for your products?
Re: For our products, no limit for the size of the led display. But generally speaking, for one led display the dots more than 80000dots(the more, the better) will be clear for the audience to see the video on the led display.


2. What's the difference between DIP and SMD?
Re: SMD LED is one pixel only has one LED lamp including 3 led chips(1R,1G,1B), as we said 3in1. Traditional DIP LED use 3 LED Lamp(1R1G1B) in one pixel.
SMD(One LED), reduced the LED on the led display, it reduced grainy of the screen and improve the uniform of the led display. This will make the led display have a more wide viewing angle and smooth image. With the technology advanced and SMD brightness improved, SMD is more and more used for outdoor HD led display.


3. How long can I get the cargos?
Re: For led display, our production lead-time is approx 2~4weeks, but normally is base on the size of the led display and quantity.
When we confirmed the order, we can start production after receiving your deposit (50% TT in advance). We will update the production details in time, also we will notice you before finish and after delivery the goods to you after we get full payment.
About the time from start port to destination, it depends on the distance and the state of the forwarder. If you ship the led display by Express, it is approx 3~5day. The Air shipping time is approx 5~7days. And if you ship by sea, it is approx a month.


4. May I know the package details?
Re: For fixed installation, we use normally export plywood case, usually 2 cabinets / case or 4cabinets / case.
For rental market, we suggest you use flight case, generally 6 cabinets or 8 cabinets in one flight case. It's safe to protect the led display on the way, also economical.


5. Besides this product, may I have other options?
Re: Yes, of course! Many thanks for finish the details of this product. If it is not what you're looking for, you can also choose other items. We have provide indoor and outdoor HD led display and led display module, the pixel pitch is from 1.25mm to 20mm. Different cabinet, just like normal Iron Cabinet, Aluminum Cabinet, Die Cast Aluminum Cabinet, etc.

Also please kindly provide us the size(Wmm x Hmm), application(fixed or rental or other), installation position(just like the installation height) , the viewing distance(the distance between the audience and screen) of the led display and the budget for your project. Then we will provide you the best solution for your reference.


6. May I only have the parts of the led display for assemble by myself?
Re: Yes, of course! We also can provide customers led module with parts(such as control card, power supply, etc. ) for assemble.


Please contact us to learn more about all of the products we have to offer. We will work closely with you from the first stages of your order until your new items are installed. Your satisfaction is our main concern. Get the latest offer NOW.




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