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Fluffy ohrenschützer-kopfhörer mit interne mikrofon beliebte mädchen kopfhörer ohrenschützer strahlung kostenloser stirnband kopfhörer

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Bewegliches Media Player, Handy, Luftfahrt, Computer, Dschibuti, Spiel, Sports, Audiophile, Reise, Fachmann, Hörgeräte
Mikrofon, Geräusch-Annullierung, Gesunde Antenne
150 CM
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Ibrain air rohr holz kopfhörer für android handy
Musik wired kopfhörer
Legierung + PU
Air rohr
Nicht-magnetische Sound Kammer
Metall Geschirmt Draht
In-Ohr, Stirnband

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Product Description
                               What the radiation will cause?
                                      You can imagine it  !
Why Ibrain radiation free headphone do resist EMF and RF radiation?
1. Analysis on the superb structure design
with 250mm-400mm air tube, the ear buds were kept far away from the loudspeaker. Compared with the traditional headphoone whosespeaker was fitted right inside the ear buds, Ibrain radiation free headphone boasts of the advantage of the insulation of magnetic field and radiation source thanks to the air tube design. As for the traditional headphone, the radiation source of mobile phone is absorbed directly into brain through wire. Besides, 1000Gs permanent magnetic field of the speaker inside the traditional headphone is harmful to brain. Moreover, alternating magnetic field produced by interactive effect between coils, audio current and permanent magnet has a negative influence on eardrums. Meanwhile, high frequency vibration of coil and acoustic membrane caused by electromotive force is seriously harmful to brain.

2. Analysis on the physical theory
The electromagetic radiation is inversely proportional to the square of distance. Ibrain/Safeland radiation resistant headphone is connected by air tube and wire of a certain length. Therefore, mobile phone is kept a distance from human body in case of proper operation of the function button to answer and end a call. As a result, radiation magnetic field is lowed to the Hygienic standard for environmental electromagnetic waves GB9175-88(S<10uw/cm²) issued by healthy organization.

3. Analysis on the using method
Ibrain radiation free headphone can keep a long distance between the mobile phone and the human body when using the function key to dial and end a call, which effectively avoid serious radiation during the incoming and calling status. Many mobile phones take the traditional headphones as antennas, while Ibrain radiation free headphone takes advantage of the air tube to avoid the direct radiation from antenna.
Details Images
                               Anti radiation earphone.
                                                          Say "No" to the radiation
Sound cavity without magnetic field
There is no loudspeaker in the earplug,thus advoiding the direct harm to eardrum and brain brought by the 1000 gauss permanent magnetic field and alternating magnetic field.
Air tube
It isolates permanent magnetic field and alternating magnetic field, also the radiation source.Moreover, it lengthens the distance between mobile phone and human body, which largely decreases electromagnetic radiation.

Three electromagnetic radiation research organizations have confirmed that air tube earphones is one of the best ways to reduce mobile phone radiation.
Metal shielded wire
It adopts 60 strands of metal shielded wires, which isolates the transmission of high frequency electromagnetic wave on the wire, and achieves good radiation protection.
Since the metal shielded wire has a shielding effect, it can prevent the interference from high and low frequency electromagnetic waves and noise wave at the same time, so that the earphone output hifi sound.
Also the 60 strands of wires enhance the tensile strength and improve the service life of the headphone.
Product Usage
Reports from Representative TV stations
Shanghai TV reported that mobilephone radiation can prevent hearing aid working, which proves that mobile phone radiation does serious harm to human brain. A 84-year-old man cannot use his mobile phone because of the daily use of hearding aid. The problems couldn't be solved even after he asked more than 20 mobile phone accessories companies and stores for help. Only our unique Ibrain radiation free headphone can stop the interference from hearing aid and enable him to use his mobile phone in a healthy way. Moreover, the call quality is clear enough.

  • Comparison between Ibrain radiation free headphone and traditional headphone

Ibrain radiation free headphone adopts anti-radiation functions for health, it can decrease radiation by up to 99.9%.
Zip lock packing, Blister packing or customized packing as your requirement.
We can send you goods by sea, by air, by express.
The delivery time: depends on quantity. Usually the quantity 200 pcs will take 3-5 days.
Company Introduction
Shanghai Zhongchangjiang Telecommunication Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Pudong District Shanghai with an area of 50 acres and 4.5 million USD registered capital. The planed annual capacity is 30 million pieces. We are a professional manufacturer in radiation free earphone’s research, invention and production. The new products- ibrain radiation free earphone, using unique
acoustic wave transmission channel and metal shielded wired technology, has opened a new chapter for safe and healthy use of
earphone. It was patented in the China, United States, Germany, Australia, Russia, Japan and Canada.

Ibrain has won good reputation for its perfect radiation protect function and high quality, gaining more popularity in its
consumers. We supplied 150 thousand pieces of bluetooth headsets to China FAW as initial order and also entered market in
developed countries such as USA, UK, Germany and Australia.

Our Services & Strength

1, The products passed FCC, CE, ROHS certificate.2, We got the patents from 45 countries.
3, Professional technical team and R&D team.
4, 3,000,000 pieces/month
5, The best after-sales service, warranty is 1 year.
6,We have more than 10 years' experience in this industry.
We have got patents from 45 countries
Passed CE, FCC, ROHS
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2. 30% T/T as down payment, 70% the balance before the shipment.
Q3. Shipping
1. Sample order: we will send out around 3 days
2. Bulk orders: we will quote the delivery time according the order quantity, usually 7~15 working days.

Q4. Return and Warranty
1. All the goods are inspected before shipment.
2. All the goods are 1 year warranty. Please send us pictures for checking when it is broken,If the product is not artificially
damaged,we will send you new one or spare parts to replace it.

Q5. Private Logo
We can put your logo on the products, but the quantity should be 5000 pcs.

Please contact us if you have more questions.
Ms. Resure Chen.
Mobile: 0086-15857715700
Wechat/whatsapp: 0086-15988778612
Skype: resurecrx
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