Vier seite optional helle transparenz acryl ticket zählen maschine scan barcode stand eater maschine

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Ticket zählen maschine
Max Spiel
Produkt Name:
MG-100A Ticket Eater
Produkt Typ:
Unterhaltung Spiel Maschine
110 ~ 230 V
240 w
(W) 500mm * (D) 500mm * (H) 1860mm
75 KG
Kino, Shopping mall, FEC, Indoor-spiel-Center, etc
1000 Piece/Pieces per Month floor standing eater machine
Verpackung & Versand
Kunststoff + Stoßfest nylon + karton
Eine seite acryl ticket zählen maschine stand eater maschine
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Menge(Pieces) 1 - 5 >5
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Product Description
one side acrylic ticket counting machine floor standing eater machine

1. imported acrylic lottery logo light to create a unique visual effect

2. The whole machine is transparent and has a strong recognition degree

3. The first use of ultra-thick full-acrylic door panels,beautiful and solid

4. Exclusive patented SIX-edged cutter design improves the efficiency of the ticket and escorted

For stable operation of the center

5. The core components are imported and escorted for stable operation of  the center

6. Multi-faceted design reduces the waiting time of players  and improves the working efficiency of the center

7. Supports memory at the same time, Three different barcode lottery tickets,so that your have more choices for your center

8. Ultra-light cabinet design,which makes your transportation cost lower and mobile more convenient

9.with full ticket alarm function,it is easier to manage




New Feature:

New Alarm System


Three kinds of light indicate three situation:



Max Game Advantages:

1. supporting to display of MP3 music,MP4 videos ,JPG pictures , and text by yourself via USB

2. supporting full-ticket alarm, ticket jam alarm,no thermal paper alarm

3. 6-edged cylindrial blade, 2 blades combination design ,the lifetime is around 4-5 years 

4. compatible with 99% card system,ed: sacoa,cointech,embed semnox,intercard,intergradro,etc...

5.  imported high quality sensors,more than 2 years lifetime

6. original japanese motor , low noise ,not hot with 24h continuous working

7. maximum 3 different bar-code tickets can be memorized and recognized at the same time ,imported from japan



Functional specification


1After put lottery tickets into the mouth, the motor will automatic starting, until lottery finished cutting, motor will automatically stop.

2when customers finish the lottery inventory, press the "reset/print" key, automatic printing small bills and counter will be zero.

3. The machine of the motor is high torque, special high speed , so if there are more than one (abnormal) tickets coming, it still can maintain normal cut, but if be not normal cutting statue for too long, motor fuse will be burned off to protect the motor

4. The machine should bring along with their own printer, each transaction will be prited out a ticket for reference when the digital to be zero, convenient and precise, no lost.

5. Anti-pulling function. Pulling the ticket, the amount will reduce one. 


C.Special attention

1Row tickets mouth please keep smooth, avoid let cancelled tickets be block up, so as to avoid the motor fuse even gear wear.

2Please avoid cutting tape or sticky stickers and staples etc, in order to avoid ticket affect the life of cutter.


Professional ticket eater and coin changer manufacturer of China in amusement industry in Asia, not only a professional ticket eater and coin changer maker but also a ticket eater and coin changer supplier, exporter, agent, distributor.


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