GalileoStar8 Wassermagnetventil 230V 2-Wege-Wassermagnetventil

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Shanghai, China
Edelstahl, Legierung, Messing, Casting
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Wasser, Flüssigkeit, gas
15 ~ 1000mm
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35X15X30 cm
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GalileoStar8 water solenoid valve 230v,2 way water solenoid valve

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DDC-JQ series electromagnetic vacuum belt inflation valve is a special valve installed on mechanical vacuum pump. The valve and the pump are connected to the same power source, and the opening and closing of the pump directly controls the opening and closing of the valve. When the pump stops working or the power supply is suddenly interrupted, the valve can automatically close the vacuum system and charge the atmosphere into the pump chamber through the pump inlet to prevent the pump oil from flowing back to contaminate the vacuum system.
Suitable working media are air and non-corrosive gases.
Note: Please refer to DDC-JQ-B series electromagnetic vacuum belt inflation valve (with DN100 specification) for quick release and loose flange connection.




GDC-J series electromagnetic high vacuum flapper valve is a valve that is opened or closed by electromagnetic force and spring return force. It is suitable for opening or blocking airflow in vacuum system. When the valve is closed, the sealing surface of the valve plate is allowed to withstand atmospheric pressure, and the lower side is vacuum. After the power supply of the electrical control box is turned on in this state, the valve plate can be normally opened.
Suitable working media are air, non-corrosive and gas free of particulate dust.




Product model: ZCS
Product Name: Water Solenoid Valve
Product features: This valve is selected to use water or liquid as working medium, which can automatically control or remotely control the on and off of working medium pipelines such as water, oil and liquid. Since the valve is sealed by rubber, the cleanliness of the working medium is greatly reduced, and the utility model has the advantages of quick opening and closing and high reliability. Water solenoid valve price, water solenoid valve price, water solenoid valve manufacturer.
The valve is a pilot-operated solenoid valve with a secondary valve opening. The structure is mainly composed of a pilot valve and a main valve, and the main valve adopts a rubber sealing structure. When the position is normal, the movable iron core seals the pilot valve port, the pressure in the valve chamber is balanced, and the main valve port is closed. When the coil is energized, electromagnetic force is generated to attract the movable iron core, and the medium in the main valve chamber is leaked from the pilot valve port, so that a pressure difference is generated, the diaphragm or the valve cup is quickly lifted, the main valve port is opened, and the valve is presented. The passage is gone. When the coil is de-energized, the magnetic field disappears, the movable iron core is reset, the pilot valve port is closed, and the pressure in the pilot valve and the main valve chamber is balanced, and the valve is closed again.


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Company Information



Welcome to consult
s kingdom but I have brought you wrong for this one has no such thing to give His kiGalileoStar8 water solenoid valve 230v,2 way water solenoid valvegdom is only of this world

Our unfortunate sister has gone mad continued Father Gondo because she came here and hoped for heavenly benefits Her reason gave way when her prayers were not heard He could not hear her for his kingdom is only of this world

He was silent a moment and they all looked up at him to find out what they ought to think of it all

He asked as quietly as before Shall an image which bears such words in its crown any longer be allowed to desecrate an altar

No no cried the pilgrims The people of Diamante stood silent

Father Gondo took the image in his hands and carried it on his outstretched arms through the church and towards the door

But although the Father had spoken gently and humbly his eyes had rested the whole time sternly and with compelling force on the crowd of people There was not one there whom he had not subdued and mastered by the strength of his will Every366 one had felt paralyzed and without the power of thinking independently

As Father Gondo approached the door he stopped and looked around One last commanding glance fell on the people

The crown also said Father Gondo And the crown was handed to him

He set the image down and went out under the stone canopy that protected the image of San Pasquale He whispered a word to a couple of pilgrims and they hurried away They soon came back with their arms full of branches and logs They laid them down before Father Gondo and set them on fire

AlGalileoStar8 water solenoid valve 230v,2 way water solenoid valve who had been in the church had crowded out They stood in the yard outside the church still subdued with no will of their own They saw that the monk meant to burn their beloved image that helped them so and yet they made no resistance They could not understand themselves why they did not try to save the image

When Father Gondo saw the fire kindle and therefore felt that the image was entirely in his power he straightened himself and his eyes flashed

My poor children he said gently and turned to the people of Diamante You have been harboring a terrible guest How is it possible for you not to have discovered who he is

What ought I to believe of you he continued more sternly You yourselves say that the image has given you everything for which you have prayed Has no one in Diamante in all these years prayed for the forgiveness of sins and the peace of the soul


CGalileoStar8 water solenoid valve 230v,2 way water solenoid valven it be possible The people of Diamante have not had anything to pray for except lottery numbers and good years and daily bread and health and money They have asked for nothing but the good of this world Not one has needed to pray for heavenly grace

Can it really be No it is impossible said Father Gondo joyfully as if filled with a sudden hope It is I who have made a mistake The people of Diamante have understood that I would not lay the image on the fire without asking and investigating about it You are only waiting for me to be silent to step forward and give your testimony

Many will now come and say That image has made me a believer and many will say He has granted me tGalileoStar8 water solenoid valve 230v,2 way water solenoid valvee forgiveness of sins and many will say He has opened my eyes so that I have been able to gaze on the glory of heaven They will come forward and speak and I shall be mocked and derided and compelled to bear the image to the altar and acknowledge that I have been mistaken

Father Gondo stopped speaking and smiled invitingly at the people A quick movement passed through the crowd of listeners Several seemed to have the intention of coming forward and testifying They came a few steps but then they stopped

I am waiting said the Father and his eyes implored and called on the people to come

No one came The whole mass of people was in wailing despair that they would not testify to the advantage of their beloved image But no one did so

My poor children said FathGalileoStar8 water solenoid valve 230v,2 way water solenoid valver Gondo sadly368 You have had Antichrist among you and he has got possession of you You have forgotten heaven You have forgotten that you possess a soul You think only of this world

Formerly it was said that the people of Diamante were the most religious in Sicily Now it must be otherwise The inhabitants of Diamante are slaves of the world Perhaps they are even infidel socialists who love only the earth They can be nothing else They have had Antichrist among them

When the people were accused in such a way they seemed at last to be about to rise in resistance An angry muttering passed through the ranks

The image is holy one cried When he came San Pasquales bells rang all day

Could they ring for less time to warn you of such a misfortune rejoined the monk

He went on with his accusations with growing violence You are idolaters not Christians You serve him because he helps you There is nothing of the spirit of holiness in you

He has been kind and merciful like Christ answered the people

Is not just that the misfortune said the Father and now all of a sudden he was terrible in his wrath He has taken the likeness of Christ to lead you astray In that way he has been able to weave his web about you By scattering gifts and blessings over you he has lured you into his net and made you slaves of the world Or is it not so Perhaps some one can come forward and say the contrary Perhaps he has heard that some one who is not present today has prayed to the image for a heavenly grace


He has taken away the power of a jettatore said one

Is it not he who is as great in evil as the jettatore who has power over him answered the father bitterly

They made no other attempts to defend the image Everything that they said seemed only to make the matter worse

Several looked round for Donna Micaela who was also present She stood among the crowd heard and saw everything but made no attempt to save the image

When Father Gondo had said that the image was Antichrist she had been terrified and when he showed that the people of Diamante had only asked for the good of this world her terror had grown She had not dared to do anything

But when he said that she and all the others were in the power of Antichrist something in her rose against him No no she said it cannot be so If she should believe that an evil power had governed her during so many years her reason would give way And her reason began to defend itself

Her faith in the supernatural broke in her like a string too tightly stretched She could not follow it any longer

With infinite swiftness everything of the supernatural that she herself had experienced flashed through her mind and she passed sentence on it Was there a single proven miracle She said to herself that there were coincidences coincidences

It was like unravelling a skein From what she herself had experienced she passed to the miracles370 of other times They were coincidences They were hypnotism They were possibly legends most of them

The raging monk continued to curse the people with terrible words She tried to listen to him to get away from her own thoughts But all she thought was that what he said was madness and lies

What was going on in her Was she becoming an atheist

She looked about for Gaetano He was there also he stood on the church steps quite near the monk His eyes rested on her And as surely as if she had told him it he knew what was passing in her But he did not look as if he were glad or triumphant He looked as if he wished to stop Father Gondo to save a little vestige of faith for her

Donna Micaelas thoughts had no mercy They went on and robbed her soul All the glowing world of the supernatural was destroyed crushed She said to herself that no one knew anything of celestial matters nor could know anything Many messages had gone from earth to heaven None had gone from heaven to earth

But I will still believe in God she said and clasped her hands as if still to hold fast the last and best

Your eyes people of Diamante are wild and evil said Father Gondo God is not in you Antichrist has driven God away from you

Donna Micaelas eyes again sought Gaetanos Can you give a poor doubting creature something on which to live they seemed to ask His eyes371 met hers with proud confidence He read in her beautiful imploring eyes how her trembling soul clung to him for support He did not doubt for a moment that he would be able to make her life beautiful and rich

She thought of the joy that always met him wherever he showed himself She thought of the joy that had roared about her that night in Palermo She knew that it rose from the new faith in a happy earth Could that faith and that joy take possession of her also

She wrung her hands in anguish Could that new faith be anything to her Would she not always feel as unhappy as now

Father Gondo bent forward over the fire

I say to you once more he cried if only one person comes and says that this image has saved his soul I will not burn it

Donna Micaela had a sudden feeling that she did not wish the poor image to be destroyed The memory of the most beautiful hours of her life was bound to it

Gandolfo Gandolfo she whispered She had just seen him beside her

Yes Donna Micaela

Do not let him burn the image Gandolfo

The monk had repeated his question once twice thrice No one came forward to defend the image But little Gandolfo crept nearer and nearer

Father Gondo brought the image ever closer to the fire

Involuntarily Gaetano had bent forward Involuntarily a proud smile passed over his face Donna Micaela saw that he felt that Diamante belonged to372 him The monks wild proceedings made Gaetano master of their souls

She looked about in terror Her eyes wandered from face to face Was the same thing going on in all those peoples souls as in her own She thought she saw that it was so

Thou Antichrist said Father Gondo threateningly dost thou see that no one has thought of his soul as long as thou hast been here Thou must perish

Father Gondo laid the outcast on the pyre

But the image had not lain there more than a second before Gandolfo seized him

He caught him up lifted him high above his head and ran Father Gondos pilgrims hurried after him and there began a wild chase down Monte Chiaros precipices

But little Gandolfo saved the image

Down the road a big heavy travellingcarriage came driving Gandolfo whose pursuers were close at his heels knew nothing better to do than to throw the image into the carriage

Then he let himself be caught When his pursuers wished to hurry after the carriage he stopped them Take care the lady in the carriage is English

It was Signora Favara who
GalileoStar8 water solenoid valve 230v,2 way water solenoid valve
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