Batteriebetriebener chemischer Verdünnungsdiagramm-Sprüher der neuen Landwirtschaft

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Product Description


1. Separated chemical bottle, no need to dilute chemical in sprayer tank.

2. Easy to operate. No need battery or extra operation, just fill in chemical and spray like normal knapsack sprayer.

3. Multiple and Precise mix ratio, suitable for weedkiller, pesticide, fertilizer etc.

4 Low cost, easy to replace.

Model no.
blue or customized
Sprayer: 7kgs

Mixer: 0.5kgs

Mix ratio
Chemical capacity
Detailed Images

Q: will your mixer fit on hand power sprayer?

A: Yes, our mixer is not battery powered, it works automatically when water goes through. So it fit both battery sprayer and hand power sprayer.

Q: I already have my own sprayer, can I just buy your mixer and set?

A: our mixer is screwed on the sprayer, you need to buy our sprayer which has two tips on side of the tank for attaching mixer. After that, you can only buy our mixer for replacement.

For wholesaler or sprayer manufacture customers, we are happy to sell the only mixer and you figure out how to set on your manufactured sprayer.

Q: how to set a different mix ratio? What if I want a higher mix ratio like 1: 200

A: by screw up and down regulator on the bottom of the mixer, you will get three different mix ratio X55±5, X100±10, X165±15, which can satisfy most of farm applications. In case you want a higher mix ratio, we suggest you can dilute your chemical first. For instance, you can dilute your chemical with 1:1 water, and fill the dilution in the chemical bottle and set mixer to 1:100, then you can get 1:200 application :-)

Q: I am using battery sprayer if the battery power goes down, will this affect the mix ratio?

A: no, mix ratio will maintain the same even if the battery power goes down or flow rate reduced.

Our Company

Hangzhou Weirran machinery co.,ltd

Being professional, innovative and focusing, Hangzhou Weirran Machinery Co.,Ltd has been dedicating to innovating, designing, developing and providing outstanding high quality products since 2009. We have successfully got 4 patent certificates in China and CE, Rosh certificates for most of our products. We specialize in car wash foam guns, hand held chemical sprayers, We currently produce 6 models car wash foam guns, 3 models of hand held battery powered chemical sprayers, and some customized exclusive products by our joint-venture project workshops each having its own features such as: one plastic injection workshop; two machining workshops; two assembling workshops as per Weirran's specification, regulation, procedures strictly under our quality control. We have the sole right to sell the products. Our sales teams not only provide professional cooperation but also delivering to amazon FBA warehouse and overseas drop shipping service for on-line shopping customers.

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Contact Person: liner hu

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Tel: 0086-571-85868192

Mobile: +86 13646719285(whatsApp is available)

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