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Glyphosat ammoniumsalz
Shanghai, China (Mainland)
41% G/L min
Nicht-rest herbizid
Glyphosat 41% min IPA Salz
Chemische formel:
Molekulare gewicht:
Standard ausgeführt:
Transparent oder licht gelbe flüssigkeit, frei löslich in wasser
Lyphosate ist eine breite-spektrum, nicht-rest herbizid
Verpackung und lagerung:
200L, 20L, 5L, 1Lor auf die anforderungen der kunden
Produkt name:
Landwirtschaft Glyphosat 41% min IPA Salz
Glyphosat 480g/l SL, 360g/L SL 62% 450g/L SL
Wasser inhalt:
Weniger als 0.2%
Versorgung Fähigkeit
Versorgung Fähigkeit:
100000 Liter/Liters per Week Power glyphosate manufacturers supplier price
Verpackung & Versand
Glyphosat 41% min & 30% min IPA Salz:
Glyphosat 41% min & 30% min IPA Salz verpackung:
200L kunststoff eimer. NW: 250 kg.
Glyphosat Ammonium 75.7% WDG:
Verpackung von 20 kilogramm kunststoff gewebt taschen oder 25 kilogramm kunststoff gewebt taschen.
Glyphosat 95% min Tech Grade:
600 kg oder 25 kg kunststoff webte tasche.
Qingdao port, Shanghai port, Ningbo port or as request
Product Description

Power glyphosate manufacturers supplier price

Glyphosate is a non selective, no residue herbicidal herbicide. It is very effective for many years of rooting weeds. It is widely used in rubber, mulberry, tea, orchard and sugarcane fields. Enol acetone based inhibition of plant hormone had phosphate synthase, thereby inhibiting shikimene to conversion of phenylalanine and tyrosine and tryptophan, the protein synthesis is disturbed, leading to the death of plants. Glyphosate is through leaf absorption conduction to the part of the plant, can control monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous, annual and perennial herbs and shrubs, 40 families of plants. The glyphosate was quickly combined with metal ions such as iron and aluminum to lose its activity, and had no adverse effects on the latent seeds and soil microbes in the soil.

Originally used in rubber plantations in grass and other weeds, can make the rubber tree tapping 1 years earlier, the old rubber tree yield. The gradual promotion of forestry, orchard, mulberry, tea, rice and wheat, rice and rape rotation etc.. The sensitivity of various weeds to glyphosate is different, so the dosage is different. Such as barnyard grass, green foxtail, Alopecurus, Goosegrass, Ma Tang, cleavers etc. annual weeds, dosage and effective components is 6 ~ 10.5 g/100m. On Cheqianzi, Conyza canadensis, Commelina communis dose to the active ingredients is 11.4 ~ 15g/100m. On the grass, Imperata, bony reed is 18 ~ 30g/100m, 3 ~ 4.5kg of water, on weed stem leaf directional uniform spray. Generally, the broad leaved weeds are in the early bud or flowering period, and the grass is spray at 20-30 kg per mu at the late stage of jointing or early heading. Has cut stems and leaves of plants should be born to have new leaves weeds C enough when spraying. In the prevention of perennial weeds, the amount of medicine is divided into 2 times, and the application can improve the control effect for 5 days.


In the apple orchard, Taoyuan, vineyards, pear, tea, mulberry and farmland fallow weeds on Echinochloa Setaria viridis, Alopecurus, Goosegrass, Ma Tang, cocklebur, quinoa, chickweed, cleavers and other annual weeds.

When glyphosate is exposed to green tissue, it has a killing effect. As various weeds are sensitive to glyphosate, the amount of medicine is also different

Tea tree - annual weeds and perennial weeds
Tea Garden: annual weeds, perennial weeds, weeds
Spring and summer corn -- weeds and weeds
Corn fields in spring and summer - weeds, annual and perennial weeds
The oil - annual weeds, perennial weeds and weeds
Perennial weeds, weeds and miscellaneous irrigation
Non arable land: perennial weeds, interrow weeds, annual weeds, weeds
Sugarcane - annual weeds and perennial weeds and weeds
Sugarcane fields - weeds, annual and perennial weeds

Citrus - annual and perennial weeds and weeds
Citrus trees, apple trees - weeds

Citrus orchard, apple orchard - perennial weeds, weeds, annual weeds, weeds
Highways and Railways - weeds, annual and perennial weeds, weeds
Orchard - weeds, annual weeds, perennial weeds, weeds, weeds
Sisal - weeds, annual weeds, perennial weeds
Pear orchard - weeds, weeds, annual weeds, perennial weeds
Cotton - weeds and weeds
Cotton field - annual and perennial weeds
Rubber plantation, mulberry, weeds, weeds, annual weeds, perennial weed
The use of the original medicine: it can be used to process 10% glyphosate water, 41% glyphosate isopropyl amine saline, 62% glyphosate isopropyl amine saltwater agent

Product Data

Glyphosate 30%min Ammonium Salt

Chemical formula: C3H11N2O5P
Molecular weight: 186.1036
Standard executed: GB20684-2006
Properties: Transparent or light yellow liquid; freely soluble in water,photostable,stable below 60℃(unopened package)
Usage: Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum,non-residual herbicide which is a type of suction transmitting with low toxicity.It can control monocotyledons and dicotyledonous,annual and perennial herb and shrubs and has stronger control efficacy on perennial vicious wee

Glyphosate 41%min IPA Salt

Chemical formula: C3H8NO5P•C3H9N
Molecular weight: 228.18
Standard executed: GB20684-2006
Properties:  Transparent or light yellow liquid, freely soluble in water, photostable; stable below 60℃(unopened package)
Usage: lyphosate is a broad-spectrum,non-residual herbicide which is a type of suction transmitting with low toxicity.It can control monocotyledons and dicotyledonous,annual and perennial herb and shrubs and has stronger control efficacy on perennial vicious wee

Glyphosate 62%min IPA Salt

Chemical formula: C3H8NO5P•C3H9N
Molecular weight: 228.18
Standard executed: GB20684-2006
Properties:Transparent or light yellow liquid;freely soluble in water: photostable;stable below 60℃(unopened package).
Usage:Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum,non-residual herbicide which is a type of suction transmitting with low toxicity. It can control monocotyledons and dicotyledonous,annual and perennial herb and shrubs and has stronger control efficacy on perennial vicious wee

Glyphosate Ammonium 75.7% WDG

Chemical formula:C3H11O5N2P
Molecular weight:186
Standard executed:GB20686-2006
CAS Number:40465-66-5
Properties:White or yellow rod-like granule with weak odor. Stable under normal condition.
Usage:Organic herbicide. Widely used in orchard, mulberry field, tea garden, rubber plantations, railways, and wasteland of highways.

Glyphosate 95%min Tech Grade

Chemical formula:C3H8NO5P
Molecular weight:169
Standard executed:GB12686-2004
CAS Number:1071-83-6
Properties:Non-volatile white powder. Melting when the temperature is about 230 ℃. The solubility is 1.2% when the water temperature is 25℃. Insoluble in general organic solvent.
Usage:It is a kind of non-selective and no residue organic phosphorus herbicide. Effective in killing all plant types of perennials and woody plants. Widely used in rubber plantations, mulberry, tea,sugar cane and orchard fields.

Packing & Delivery

Glyphosate 41%min IPA Salt&Glyphosate 30%min Ammonium Salt:

200L, 20L, 5L, 1Lor on the clients' requirements.

Glyphosate 62%min IPA Salt:

200L plastic pail. NW: 250KG.

Glyphosate Ammonium 75.7% WDG:

Packaging of 20 kilograms of plastic woven bags or 25 kilograms of plastic woven bags. It is stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. It is not the same as food, seed, and feed. In transportation, it should be moisture-proof and sunscreen.

Glyphosate 95%min Tech Grade:

600KG or 25KG plastic wove bag. Stable under normal temperature condition. Stored in shady, dry and ventilated warehouse. Avoid being stored and transported together with food, seed and feed. Avoid moisture and sunlight while transport.

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