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Preis von automatische blister clamshell abdichtung maschine für LED lampe

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Getränk, Gebrauchsgut, die Maschinerei und die Kompatibilität
Kunststoff, Papier
Automatischer Grad:
380 V
Guangdong, China
Maß (L*W*H):
190*160*238 CM
Kundendienst bereitgestellt:
Online unterstützung
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Verpackung & Versand

190X160X238 cm
1300.000 kg
Environmental protection fumigation-free wooden box
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HPrice of automatic blister clamshell sealing machine for LED lamp

Product use to:

Mainly suitable for plastic, plastic such as PET/PETG/GAG/PVC and other double-sided blister packaging, blister + paper card packaging,APET soft line plastic box indentation folding box,toothbrush packaging, doll, leather watchband, EVA cloth leather, leather,OPP, TPU, PU and other products that need welding and cutting, such as

1. Leather goods: wallet, passport bag, belt, leather gifts, leather sets and other small leather goods;

2. Suitcase: briefcase,travelling bag, cosmetic bag, handbag, computer bag, etc;

3. This volume: notepad, universal manual, business log, efficiency manual, address book, manager folder, book cover, etc;

4. Leather case: tablet computer leather case, mobile phone leather case, genuine leather case, imitation leather case, product leather case (leather case), digital product leather case, electronic product leather case, communication product leather case, medical device leather case, etc;

5. Other: camera packaging bag, CD bag, mobile phone bag, mobile phone wipe, blister card paper packaging (such as toothbrush, floss packaging), shoe materials, trademarks, watchband, glasses bag, health air pillow, etc

Product feature:

1. Add safety cover, safe operation without worry;

2. Precision controller device, adjustable pressure,applicable to plastic/leather/cloth leather welding/cutting/embossing/indentation folding box, blister packaging,fusion welding and hot bonding are firm and traceless, with smooth and beautiful edge cutting and hole cutting,indentation folding box lines clean and crisp, high-end configuration and perfect effect,it is an excellent auxiliary equipment for manufacturers to produce high-end products;

3. Automatic feeding and unloading of the mechanical arm, saving labor, 4 to 12 stations are optional,use a precision indexer as a rotary drive,disk table rotates smoothly and automatically,Taiwan motor drive,accurate position positioning,high efficiency and precision;

4. PLC man-machine interface touch screen operation,easy to learn,you can choose single mode or continuous mode according to your speed of action;

5. The oscillation frequency conforms to the international industrial band standard,It is also equipped with a HF stabilizer and a HF shielding device,minimize HF interference and avoid radio interference,at the same time, the frequency drift caused by improper operation can be avoided;

6. Use NL-5557 HF spark protection system is highly sensitive,can effectively prevent the mold from burning;

7. Conveyor belt can be added to form the production line,can be customized according to product requirements for automatic feeding + automatic under the finished product of the full automatic HF fuse machine,other auxiliary equipment can be added according to the current needs of the factory to form a fully automatic assembly line, which is a good helper for the factory to save labor and improve efficiency.

Packaging & Shipping
1. Strong PlyWooden Case can afford the long dumpy transportation despite sea or railway,low damage guranteed & customer's suggestion is welcome;
2. Fumigation , keep air in circulation & can avoid the harmful pest being taken to the destination.
Our Services
Pre-sale services:
1.      provide professional technical support;
2.      send the product catalog and instruction manual;
3.      if you have any question please contact us online or send us email, we promise we will give you a reply as soon as possible;
4.      personal call or visit is warmly welcome
sale of services:
1.      we promise honesty and enthusiasm, it’s our pleasure to serve you as you purchasing consultant.
2.      We guarantee punctuality, quality and quantities strictly implement the terms of contract
After-sale service:
1.      Where to buy our products for one year warranty and life long maintenance
2.      24 hours telephone service online
3.      A large stock of components and parts, easily-worn parts.
Company Information

Shenzhen Jiazhao Hightech limited company is a Chinese supplier supplying high frequency ultrasonic automatic/semi-auto equipment manufacturing unit. The enterprise is dominant in leather welding cutting, plastic welding, heating fusing, blister packaging machine, developing mating and related devices.

Business field &items

♦ high frequency welding machine                               

♦ ultrasonic plastic welding machine

blister packaging machine                     

♦ human-communication semi-auto/auto high frequency/ultrasonic devices

♦ leather handbag leather case, shoe wear high frequency fusing equipment with whole factory.

computer CNC engraving mold, high frequency mold,(electric packaging mold, leather fusing mold), ultrasonic mold, industrious clamping mold


♦  specific medical products machine                           

♦   PVC PETsingle and double face blister packaging machine

♦   electric blister paper machine                           

♦   car articles, door board, sunshield welding machine

♦  tooth packaging mahcine                           

♦  non-woven bag,shoe case,suitcase pants ultrasonic production line

♦   toys plastic electric ultrasonic machine             

♦  specific  canvas pain ting cloth tent, treadmill machine

♦  stationary raincoat plastic bag(PVC,EVA,TPU) high frequency electric machine

♦   cell phone computer bag, electric book, learing machine, moving keyboard, whole factory device leather equipment

♦   leather (PVC ,PU) derma handbag suitcase bag, carpet, shoe, chemistry cloth high frequency embossing machine.  


Jiazhao hot sale machinery:






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