Einfeld Günstige Einfeld film gewächshaus

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0,70 $ - 100,00 $ / Quadratmeter | 100 Quadratmeter/Quadratmeter (Min. Order)
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Groß, Kleine
Tunnel gewächshaus
Film und so weiter
Shandong, China
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Niedrigen kosten landwirtschaft multi gewächshaus für verkauf
Single/Multi-spannweite Gewächshaus
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6-12 m
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Heißer-nippte an Verzinktem Rohr
Schattierung System:
Innen und außen schattierung system
100 Set/Sets per Month greenhouse
Verpackung & Versand
Product Description

Greenhouse frame

The greenhouse frame is made by the materials of galvanized steel, connected by screws, bolts or suitable connectors. Door, gutters, etc. can be equipped and the roof can be pitched roof (supported by rectangular tubes) or arched roof (supported by circular tubes). The uprights of greenhouse is made by the rectangular tubes.

Covering material
1. Glass is available on the roof or the side of the greenhouse, thickness of which can be 4mm or 5mm. 

2. PC(Poly-carbonate) sheet, hard and durable, anti-ultraviolet, can be available on the roof and the side of greenhouse, thickness of which are, for example, 8mm or 10mm.

3. Film, heat-preserving and durable, can be available on the roof and side of the greenhouse, thickness of which can be 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, etc. And more layers of the film can be used on the greenhouse.

Optional system

Cooling system (cooling pad and fan)

Heating system (water, oil, coal heating)

Supplementary Lighting system (Philips sodium lamp)

Shading system (inside and outside shading)

Irrigation system (drip irrigation, mist system etc)

Seedbed ( movable, fixed )

Ventilation system ( roof and side windows)

Circulation System

Control system ( control all system running situation)


Detailed Images

Advantages Of Tunnel
1. Simple structure: Galvanized steel framework & plastic film covering & side ventilation.
2. Easily assembled: The prefabricated steel pipes can be easily connected with some fastenings.
3. The large inner space is convenient for operation and maintenance.
4. This tunnel greenhouse does't cost too much,you can make a high output with low input.
5. Long service life: The steel structure of the greenhouse can be used for more than 10 years.
6. Multi-functional : You can use a small size tunnel greenhouse in your garden as a garden greenhouse,or you can also have a large size one for your farm.

Packing & Delivery
Our Company

Shandong Fuer Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. ,located in Qingzhou City, with strong technical strength and complete after-sales service guarantee.
The main business is divided into four sections: First, our company is a comprehensive group,specialized in designing, producing and installating greenhouse .
Second, with rich experience in designing of agricultural parks;
Third, engaged in constructing photovoltaic greenhouse, photovoltaic power plant.
Fourth,engaged in the construction of integrated housing.
We promise: Same specifications, lowest price; same price, More reasonable structure; Same structure, better service. we are willing to serve you and create a better future.

1. How long is the delivery time?
According to your greenhouse size and system, the delivery time is usually 10-60days.
2.How long is the warranty period?
Different parts have different warranty, usually the electric machine guarantee 1 year, the steel structure 5years, glass 1 year, sunshade net 2-3years, etc.
3. Is your compay foreign trade company or manufacturer?
we are manufacturer.
4. Can you supply sample?
Small parts can be supplied, but you should pay the express.
5. Can your company supply greenhouse design?
Our company can give greenhouse design according to your land and plan after deposit. And we can give simple drawing before signing contract.
6. How to intall greenhouse
First we prepare the material and export.
After your customs clearing, we send 2-4 engineers or all workers to guide to install.
If you want to save money, we only send engineers, and you match local workers. If you think it is hard to do, we also can send engineers and workers to install for you.
7. When installing, what cost should we pay?
our engineers and workers visas and round-trip tickets, their foods and accommodation, their communication
8. What is the payment terms?
usually the deposit is 30%-50% of total value. Before loading, all the balance shoulde be paid off. Or you can give your own payment terms, then we can negotiate it.
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