Wasser flow meter 10-120L/min

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Durchflussmesser K24
Variable Bereich Wasser, Variable Bereich Air & Gas Durchflussmesser, Variable Bereich Petrolum Durchflussmesser, Variable Bereich Öl Durchflussmesser
Diesel, gas, harnstoff, lebensmittel, chemische
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water flow meter 10-120L/min  






The control panel of K24 Flow meter adopts the concet of modular design, with features of complete function,simple construction,easy operation etc,which is widely used in petroleum, chemistry,medicine, traffic, food and commercial industry.




MediumDiesel, urea, kerosene,chemicals,gasoline
Outlet & Inlet size1''
Measuring accuracy ±1%
Max working pressure20BAR
working voltage 2.3V-3.3V
Standby time2 years 
Flow-rate range10-120ML/MIN
Single count0.00-999.9
Total count0.00-999999.9
measurement unitL,GAL,PTS,QTS
Single measurement resetRESET




The  K24 digital fuel flow meter is a turbine flow meter, designed for measuring the transfer of low viscosity fluids including diesel, water , windscreen fluid and food (oil,milk etc). This diesel flow meter is easy to install either inline or by the delivery nozzle, and are equipped with a display which can be rotated in 4 different positions, allowing easy reading. The K24 electronic fuel flow meter is known for its accuracy and reliability.. Easy to install, in line or at the end of a delivery pipe, equipped with adjusting screen for easy reading. The ideal instrument for controlling fluid dispensing. Sturdy casing and a sealed electronic card make it suitable for use in practically all conditions. Reinforced polyamide body. Polypropylene turbine.


Flow meters are essential for measuring quantities dispensed, and professionals need precise, reliable, robust instruments. Piusi's response to these requirements is a comprehensive range of digital and mechanical flow meters, some of which stand out for their light weight and precision, and others for their strength and reliability. The electric  flow meters can be used for the widest imaginable range of applications, including for diesel, oil and foodstuffs.


Our range of flow meters also includes models designed for the most demanding situations: for example, we have high flow-rate flow meters and pulser flow meters which read the flow rate of the liquid and display the results on remote screens. This solution is particularly useful on trucks and earthmoving machinery, for example.


The K24 AdBlue Digital Flow Meter from is a reliable and accurate turbine flow meter for the dispensing of urea and cattle milk (not for human consumption). This AdBlue flow meter has a digital face that can rotated 90 degrees, providing the user with the benefit of easy reading. This is the flow meter used in the metered Suzzara Blue AdBlue pump kits. 


Digital Turbine Diesel Fuel Flow Meters are the best suited for petroleum(diesel fuel,gasonline,kerosene,etc) based products.The modular design allows for maximum flexibility in meeting customers' applications.


1.K24 Flow Meters are designed to meet a wide range of product delivery measuring requirements in non-resale applications.

2. For low viscosity fluids, such as Food, Water, Urea, Methanol, Ethanol, Sulfuric acid, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene etc.

3. Easy to install, in line or at the end of a delivery pipe or behind the nozzles.

4. Equipped with adjusting screen for easily  reading.

5. Sturdy casing and a sealed electronic card make it suitable for use in practically all conditions.

6. Reinforced polyamide body.

7. Electronic card with LCD display:  Resettable 5 digit partial total from 0.1 to 99999,  Non resettable total  6 digit total from 1 to 999999.

8. Powered by 2x1.5V AAA batteries

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