Wasser Tank Level Meter Digital Ultraschall Wasser Level Sensor

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Sichuan, China
Nach service:
Zwölf monate
ISO9001: 2000
4 figuren LCD
DC20 ~ 32 V ≥30mA
Medium temperatur:
-40 ~ 80 °C
0.2% (volle spannweite)
Material von shell:
Material von sensor:
Lieferung zeit:
3 ~ 15 tage
Sichuan, China
100 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Menge(Pieces) 1 - 50 >50
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Why choose us:

1. 23 years of instrumentation equipment production experience
2. Product support OEM / ODM, export to more than 100 countries
3. The company area 20,000 square meters, and 150+ orders per month
4. Provide email, skype, whatsapp provide 24-hour one-on-one technical support service online

Product Description

Product features

1. Security: When measuring liquid with poison, explosion, corrosion, stress, easily volatile, easily leak, it does not use valves, pipe, joint. It is without leak source, and not contact tank of liquid and gas. It is very safe. Even in the state of instrument damage or maintenance, there is no possibility of leakage, poisoning or explosion.

2. Hygiene: Don’t contact with liquid (wine making, beverage, milk production, storage tanks, pipes) in the detection and monitoring projects, and no pollution.

3. Installation and maintenance convenient: installation is no fire, no clear tank, and no impact on production.

Technical Parameters:

(1)Power supply:DC20~32V
(3)Working temperature:-40℃~+75℃
(4)Mode of indication:4 digit LCD
(5)Parameter set up:3 induction buttons
(6)Mode installation:Whorl, Flange
(7)Accuracy:0.2% Span(in air)
(8)Beam angle:8°, 5° (3db)
(9)Pressure range:±0.1MPa
(10)Protect grade:IP67
Detailed Images





For range of 20m, 30m, 40m, the size of orifice on tank should be more than that of DN200 flange. And the length of the connection pipe under the flange shou


For tank:

For range less than 8 m, the size of orifice on tank should be more than of DN65 flange.

For range of 10m an12m, the size of orifice on tank should be more than that of DN100 flange. And the length of the connection pipe under the flange should be less than 20m 

For range of 15m, the size of orifice on tank should be more than that of DN150 flange. And the length of the connection pipe under the flange should be less than 20m


For open pond:fixing stand should be needed.


Continuous non-contact level measurement with compact version;

  1. Integrated design, installed conveniently;
  2. Protected in the excessive voltage and current , protected in the thunder and lightning;
  3. The big show window of LCD is easy to debug and observe;
  4. Excellent anti-interference capability;
  5. 4-20mA output;
  6. Intellectual signal treatment technology, guarantee that the instrument meets various kinds of operating occasion
  7. All metal outer cover (IP67), airproof and alkali-resisting, meet the abominable environment.
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