X3650 M4 SYSTEM BOARD V1 Computer Hardware Laptop Motherboard

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United States
Produkt Name:
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Verpackung & Versand
1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm (0.39in x 0.39in x 0.39in) 0,5 kg (1.10lb.)



Product NameX3650 M4 SYSTEM BOARD V1
Model Number00MV221, 00MV220 
Place of OriginUSA
Processing TimeSAME DAY

More Product Details(Product Parameter): REFURBISHED


Certification: We are authorized distributors of IBM & Lenovo surplus and spareparts.

Trade details: MFP Technology Services Inc., is a globally trusted leading purchaser & supplier of enterprise IT hardware products with deep specialization in intel-based servers and storage systems. We have  warehouse in the US as well as the UK - we can ship sameday on Fedex worldwide



MFP Technology Services Inc., is a globally trusted leading purchaser & supplier of enterprise IT hardware products with deep specialization in intel-based servers and storage systems.

From the most basic part or option, to the most complex and highly configured server and storage, MFP has become a preferred vendor by the most prestigious Distributors, Value Add Resellers, Systems Integrators, Maintenance Providers and Other Resellers.

MFP holds strategic relationships with industry leading manufacturers like Dell, HPE, Lenovo and IBM, and maintains a significant amount of inventory at its facilities in the US and the UK allowing the company to deliver mission critical solutions where others cannot.


Company Advantage

1. MFP specializes in delivering a customized approach to providing hard to find IT solutions, on both new and used equipment, as well as end-of life datacenter hardware products.

2. Thanks to its multinational skilled sales force and specialized engineers, the company offers services ranging from purchasing new, excess, surplus and pre-owned equipment, to commercializing high quality / mission critical solutions, including new, factory certified, refurbished and reconditioned systems.

3. Our dedicated sales staff averages 25 years’ experience in the wholesale marketplace of Dell, HPE, Lenovo and IBM Technology. With warehouses located in the USA and UK, MFP is positioned to serve an expansive geographic footprint and provide same day shipping for most products.




We have a warehouse in the UK as well as CT, with a combined space of over 55,000 square feet of space we consistently hold about $4 million in inventory, which allows to act immediately when an order comes in and we can ship as soon as possible


Order Flow


Send requirementSend requirement via email or on Alibaba
Confirm orderAgree on price for product and shipping
Payment termsWe prefer pre-pay to start but in some cases we can run your company for net 30 day terms




-Same day shipping on most orders, free shipping within the US, Can ship Fedex economy and fedex priority for international inquiries -price will depend on the order (Fedex is the main shipping company we use but we can also Ship via UPS and DHL) We can ship on customer's account as well

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