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Art des Geschäfts: Produzent
Produkt / Service (Wir verkaufen): Chiller, wärmepumpe, wasser chiller und wasserkocher, klimaanlage chiller, gebläsekonvektor
Ort: Shanghai, China
Jahr Errichtet: 2002
Mitarbeiteranzahl: 101 - 200 Personen
Gesamtumsatz (Vorjahr): US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Hauptmärkte: Binnenmarkt,Westeuropa,Mid East,Afrika,Ozeanien
Durchschnittliche Vorlaufzeit: 30 Tage

Field Scope HAYE is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in air conditioning research, development, production, sale and engineering service. Located in the Huangdu Industrial Park of the Shanghai International Auto City, which is only 2km away from the F1 race track, Haye has a modern 22,000sqm plant, annual revenue above 500 million RMB and nearly 40 sale and service points throughout China and Southeast Asia. Due to efficient services and powerful technical support, HAYE enjoys an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. Technology Support Since the establishment in 1996, HAYE (Shanghai) Refrigeration Machinery Co,. Ltd. has been in extensive cooperation with Alson. With advanced technical support, excellent quality assurance, and an outstanding service system and performance, Haye Group has become one of the fastest growing enterprises in the air conditioning refrigeration industry. With 30 categories and 2,400 subcategories of products available, current product lines include water/air cooled screw chillers, module units, ground/water-source heat pumps, low temperature units, industrial water chilled units, rooftop units, constant temperature and humidity units, air handling units, industrial and residential air conditioners and refrigeration systems. We are striving to become the best air conditioner manufacturer that offers a wide range of products for customers' selection, meanwhile, ensuring prices that meet their real demands. Quality Service Our perfect quality depends on the professional technical support team and standard operation flow. Haye owns advanced production and testing equipment, including assembly production lines for large and small units respectively, a heat exchanger pipeline, a large spraying pipeline, a CNC processing centre, FANUC CNC punching and bending machines, Japanese Sugino brand pipe expanding machines, automatic welders, a national-level testing centre for water cooled and air cooled chillers and a national-level testing centre for household cold water (heat pump) units. Haye also follows the ISO9001 international quality control system, ISO14001 international environment control system and CE certificate, thus ensuring product quality and services. We can see the quality of Haye products through their well-known customers and use in famous buildings. With clients including the China Sinopec Group, Tsinghua University, Qishi, Nongfu Spring, China-Liby, TOTO and Nine Dragons Paper, our products are also used in Shanghai Jinmao Building and SVA Building. In order to develop the overseas market and implement the global strategy, Haye has striven into the Asia-Pacific market for the first step, with Europe and the Middle East as the next potential markets. We truly believe that Haye will become a global group in the future. Conviction Pursuit Haye will stride forward and lead the market in this industry by following the concept of all accommodation for perfect refrigeration.

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Handelskapazität Binnenmarkt : 90.00% Westeuropa : 8.00% Mehr anzeigen
Produktionskapazität Größe der Fabrik : 5,000-10,000 Quadratmeter Anzahl der Fertigungsanlagen : Above 10 Mehr anzeigen
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